Friday, June 21, 2019

Travelling With Kids (Part 2)

Hi it's me again. So hard to keep track on my blog. To post anything consistently, maybe I need to do it weekly this time. Every Friday perhaps? Working, studying and mommy duties all in one is no joke but I made it. Latest updates on my studies is currently waiting for viva. Submitted my thesis on 30 April 2019. On another note, I really hope my paper will also be accepted by the time I need to submit my hardcover thesis though. May everything will happen according to God's plan. Amen!

Ok back to the topic.

Day 1: IKEA Tebrau


From the outside
4 of us took Grab from the airport to Ikea Tebrau while Sumi and my mother in law (MIL) followed my brother in law (BIL).

From the inside
I registered for the IKEA family card before going here but actually you can also do it there then get the temporary card. After that, I registered Sumi at smales, Zio wanted too but sorry my dear minimum age was 4. Then we went to have a look inside for a while before deciding that we better take our lunch before going around inside.

Can you see the famous meatballs?
Lunch time
All the food were awesome and superb and delicious. I loved how they arranged the place and prepare utensils for kids. Microwave to heat your baby food was available there too.

We spent 5 hours there and it was my first time going to IKEA so I was super excited and super exhausted but 5 hours was really not enough for me.

I carried Vava using Snuggbaby's SSC which was quite comfortable but of course carrying a baby 5 hours straight sure will make your back hurts. At first I carried her but after that my MIL helped while I excitedly look around. 

Sumi and Zio with their uncle
At the diaper changing room
Private breastfeeding room can be locked from the inside. You can find sink, stool and sofa there too. It was very comfortable and lovely.

All in all it was a very fun day for us all. We had to go back early to check in to the hotel and rest for tomorrow's adventure which was in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE. Who's excited to know more?

(To be continued)


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