Thursday, May 16, 2019

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day. I would like to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers especially my English and Music teachers.

Why? Because as far as I can remember, they treated me like their own children and friend. They taught me with passion and never looked down on me. They let me me use my own creativity in doing my home work. That is why I love English and Music until now. 

Thank you Teacher Brenda, Teacher Therese, Cikgu Lucy, Cikgu Diana and also my organ teacher in Technics, Teacher Simon. I am forever grateful to all of you. To my other teachers too thank you very much for shaping me to become the person I am today. Sorry I could not remember all of your names.

I also remember I have few teachers that I dislike, especially very garang teachers. The ones who I think bullying, slapping, shouting at students is normal for them. I once thought of wanting to transfer to other schools because of this one particular teacher during Form 3. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Travelling with kids

Wow my last post was in 2016.

Ok recently my family and I went for a family trip in Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Would love to share here how did we managed to do it all with 3 kids (5 y.o, 3 y.o and 7 months baby).

My 3 y.o son sleepily sitting in the trolley

Day 1: Ikea Tebrau
Day 2: Universal Studios Singapore
Day 3: Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town
Day 4: Johor Premium Outlet

(to be continued)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Baby Story

Ok Moms! What's your first baby story?! Just copy and paste!

Age I Got Pregnant 👣: 25
Age I Gave Birth 👶: 26
Due Date 📆:  02.Oct.2014
Day I Gave Birth 🎂: 29.Sept.2014
Time Born ⏰: 5.20am
Natural or C section 🏥: Natural
Weight 🎊: 3.15 kg
Our pride and joy : IT'S A GIRL 😘 SOFIA SUMINUNDU

😍 My 2nd baby

Age I Got Pregnant 👣: 27
Age I Gave Birth 👶: 27
Due Date 📆:  30.07.2016
Day I Gave Birth 🎂: 25.07.2016
Time Born ⏰: 7.21am
Natural or C section 🏥: Natural
Weight 🎊: 3.38kg

Our pride and joy : IT'S A BOY 😘 DENZEL ZIO

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sportswear All Women Must-Have

Hi everyone, today we will talk about sportswear.

It does not matter whether you are someone who is active or not, every woman must have a few pieces of sportswear in their wardrobe at home, right? Why you must ask? This is because those sportswear are also great to be worn on your lazy days or while running errands. For example, myself. Even when I was pregnant, sportswear is very comfortable to use especially sports bra. Besides that, if you are in the mood to hit the gym or break some sweat, they will definitely come in handy stored in your closet. If you wonder the must-have sportswear you need to own no matter what, check them out below.

1. Hoodie

Hoodies are great to be worn over your tank top or tee on a casual day out or even during workout sessions. It gives you that perfect comfy feeling and trendy appearance. Choose a plain coloured hoodie which is versatile to be matched with any top you have. Example, colours like grey, white and black often is a favourite choice. Currently I do not own one, will sure buy 1 for me.

2. Sports Bra

Sports bra is the most important sportswear to own because it helps give great support to our chest on high impact activities. Trust us, wearing sports bra while being active definitely benefits you in the long run. Besides that, it can also boost up your confidence and give you that sexy feeling inside. There are several of trendy designs of sports bra available from various brands so pick your favourite one. I do own a few sports bra and usually will wear it when I go running or play badminton.

3. Leggings

Some people say to wear tight fitted clothes and show some skin while working out or when you need to look sexy effortlessly. Leggings are a great piece for any women to own as it hugs your legs perfectly and making you feel comfortable all day long. Black leggings are a popular choice among women as it can be easily worn with just about anything working out or not. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan State Level Year 2016

Limpas suda Kaamatan baru kunun mau post sini blog. Bangas suda.

As usual, a lot of people tidak puas hati la with the result. Kapsit they say. Winner tidak pun lawa, lawa lagi itu yang dari Kudat yang dapat no. 2. Itu Kudat punya Q&A ba yang paling ok jawapan tapi kenapa bukan dia yang menang. Juri makan rasuah la and etc. The list goes on and on and onnnnnn. Bah biar la dorg tu. Malas sudah sa mau peduli. Hahaha

Kan ada 3 round semua tu. Each round ada dia punya sistem pemarkahan. 1st round xda markah. 2nd & 3rd round ada markah. 200% semua kalau kasi total.

1st round
Introduction - No marking

2nd round
Beauty - 40%
Costume - 30%
Presentation - 20%
*Attitude - 10%
Total = 100%

3rd round
Question & Answer - 35%
Beauty - 30%
Costume - 15%
Presentation - 10%
*Attitude - 10%
Total = 100%

*Attitude - Chief Chaperone to provide to Chief Judge on 31 May 2016 before competition begins.

Judges punya tempat duduk la paling siok mau duduk sebab masa tu UN contestants buat catwalk dari stage sampai di depan judges tu, semua dorg buli nampak. Itu rambut, makeup, pakaian, aksesori, senyuman, mata, gigi, telinga, body posture and etc semua boleh dilihat dengan sangat sangat jelas sekali. Semua in HD. 

From my own experience, susah mau maintain relax and senyum masa depan judges tu. Ok ka senyuman sa ni? Ok ka body posture sa ni? Cara sa berjalan ok ka ni tidak keras macam robot or bida macam kerbau? LOL. Bukan senang mau maintain bagi itu senyuman yang manis sm smua orang. Senyum dari hati. Kalau sekejap ja buli la. Ini mau 30 minit senyum mcm tu ja. Tambah lagi bergegar itu bibir and pipi sebab macam bersukan la, pandai cramp kan kaki or tangan tu, senyuman pun boleh cramp kama. Memang tidak nampak tu kalau dari skrin. Tapi judges boleh nampak itu semua.

Actually saya sendiri pun rooting for Klang Valley, Papar and Kudat untuk dapat itu Top 3. Tapi 1 ja sangkut yang lain dpt no. 5 (Papar) and no. 6 (KV) ja. Tidak jg sa mengamuk p kasi buruk orang. Orang kita sendiri jg semua tu peserta UN and judges. Kali gitu la ba beza pemikiran sesetengah orang kan. Suka hati ja mau kasi buruk orang. Pastu ada lg yg suka hati p viral screenshot Whatsapp ba sampai menimbulkan salah faham. Adeh. Manusia oh manusia. Can we please make this world a better place to live for our own sake?

Apa-apa pun, inilah result UNK 2016.

Winner | Sherry Anne Laujang (Penampang)
1st Runner Up | Claryssa H. Ogodong (Kudat)
2nd Runner Up | Fenny Ester Joslin (Banggi)
3rd Runner Up | Vinny Alvionitta Sasising (Matunggong)
4th Runner Up | Christine Joan Charles (Papar)
5th Runner Up | Patricia Elsa Jimy (Klang Valley)
6th Runner Up | Charmine Bartholomew (Kapayan)
Info credit to : Freddy Au Photography
Harvest Festival 2016 | Unduk Ngadau 2016
Date : 31 May 2016
Photographer:Augustine Jumat (Documentary Committee KDCA)

Sherry Anne Laujang (Penampang) - Saya selalu terjumpa dia n kakak dia si Sharon. Memang tinggi lampai and natural beauty. Ba kici ba Penampang ni. Kalau bkn masa orang kahwin, jalan-jalan di Donggongon pun terjumpa jg.

Christine Joan Charles (Papar) - Saya suka tengok muka dia. Photogenic.

Claryssa H. Ogodong (Kudat) - Cute ba muka dia ni.

Patricia Elsa Jimy (Klang Valley) - Ini geng UN dari tahun 2012. Dulu dia wakil Membakut, belum terserlah lagi mungkin kecantikan dia di mata orang ramai. Masa tu dia baru 19 tahun. Skrg suda 23 tahun, wahhhhh tambah lawa ba si Pat. Memang natural beauty juga ni sumandak ni.

Fenny Ester Joslin (Banggi) - Dari 1st time sa nampak gambar2 dia ni, 1st yg sa nampak is dagu dia. Sudah la V-shape, panjang lagi tu dagu dia. Unik ba.

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