Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Beginning

Hello everyone. I am new and I am just starting to learn how to blog. All my relatives and friends have their own blog. I always go to their blog and read them. So, here it goes. Firstly, I want to touch a few things, about my blog. Yes, it is my blog and I will write whatever I want. In any languages because a lot of my friends were commented and scolded because of having different kinds of languages in their blogs. Furthermore, they were scolded for pouring out their feelings in their OWN blog. Secondly, I did not want to blog at the first place because I am afraid that I will experience THAT horrible condition. Well, now I have decided that I will not give a sh*t about it. I love my life and I will share everything here.

Macy & Steffy

Yesterday, Macy (my course-mate, my room-mate, my friend) and I managed to sell ALL of our Tilapia seed fish. Total earnings RM 210 ONLY. Haha. Yay! No need to take care of fish but have to find new ones. Need money for our future industrial training. Well, for Macy, she is going to Japan for her training with some other fellow course-mates. For me? No no no. Not planning too. FYI (for your information), I am not the type of person who can survive without my loved ones near me. Especially Mr Darryl (of course), my mum (Mdm Mary Komuji), my dad (Mr Jinius J), my brothers (urmmm...) and my pets (Sexy, Ginger, Teh C, Bombay, Kajol and SHIRO!!). I cannot imagine living far away from them :( sad sad girl. Eventhough I am not a mommy's or daddy's girl but you just cannot make me leave SABAH without THEM

Status update : I am with Macy in UMS. Yeap, I know it is HOLIDAY but we, Aquaculturist have to work 24/7. Around the clock baby! But today, the both of us decided to take a break for a day *sigh*

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