Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A friend of mine

Happy 21st birthday Carrie !!

I missed those days in LMC where I watched Korean movies with you and Nad..
Yup..thanks to you I watched them because well, you know I am not that kind of person who is into that kind of thing *smile*

Miss you my dear friend


PS: Friend, sorry I took the picture from your FB profile. I don't have your pic in my laptop. Left it at home. *laughing*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie: Senario The Movie - Beach Boy

Synopsis: This time around, the gang - Azlee, Mazlan and Wahid go for a vacation to an island resort. Upon their arrival, they discover that the resort isn't what they had expected it to be. It looked deserted and on the verge of bankruptcy. They decide to help the owner, Mansor to restore the resort and attract more tourists. But, things didn't go well. Disappointed by the situation, they decide to call it quits and leave the resort. However, things go awry when Remy comes into picture offering a salvation on Mansor's business. Noticing something fishy about Remy's plan, Mazlan steps in and unveils Remy's true identity to Mansor. Remy goes mad and abducts Mansor's daughter, Qasidah. Once again, the gang face bigger test in their attempt to rescue Qasidah.

Well, I went to watch this movie at GSC 1Borneo last night with my hubby. Upon our arrival, we bumped into Kris and Nad near the escalator. What a surprise! I was not expecting to accidentally met them there because hello?1B? The place itself is BIG alright and how come we can simply bump into someone who we seldom meet. I think the last time I met them was urm..during their engagement day perhaps? *Laughing* We had a little chat about asking how are we doing and how was it going etc. Then, we went to our own separate destination.

We bought the tickets and ate at Wagamama Japanese Restaurant. Had some window shopping and finally went to the cinema to catch the movie.

Yeap. I know. I am the type of person who seldom catch Malaysian-made movies at the cinemas but hey, we must support our Malaysian movie industry people!! :P

The movie was funny and full of humour. My stomach was cramped as a result of laughing too much. We ARE talking about Senario aren't we? The one that I really loved the most is Marsha's character. Her role in that movie is a Sabahan girl and she uses our Sabahan dialect in that movie. Sometimes it was hard for me though to understand what she was saying because she talks too fast and 'pekat' too but that's how we actually talk right? Haha. It will definitely be a problem for the Semenanjung Malaysia people and hope there will be subtitle so that it is easier for them to understand her.

Anyways, I guess sooner or later, the movie will be released at Astro Ria or during Hari Raya celebration.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie : 2012

Synopsis: Over the decades, many have prophesied that the world will end when the ancient Mayan calendar ceases on 21 December 2012. But before that occurs, the human race is bound to face natural disasters such as massive volcano eruptions, typhoons and other natural calamities. An academic researcher opens a portal into a parallel universe and makes contact with his double in order to prevent an apocalypse predicted by the ancient Mayans.

My rating for this movie is 9 out of 10. It is a great movie to watch especially with your loved ones because for me, it can make us realize that our lives is too short to be ruined by unimportant stuff.

FYI, I watched the movie twice *wink :) Last Thursday with my hubby and today with Macy after our final paper of this semester. Yay! It was kind of like a celebration for that, I guess.

Anyways, it is sure a fun movie to watch. The director seemed to input a certain amount of laughter in it especially with one of the character which is Mr Charlie-The-Radio-DJ-Guy. Oh well, I do not want to spill the beans for those who have not watch it yet so GO WATCH IT! 

Adios muchachos! Buenas noches mi amor Darryl H.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

21st birthday peeps




Happy 21st Birthday to all of you !!

May God bless all of you

= xoxo =

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