Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary DD & Jane

DD & Jane
Wishing both of you a Happy 5th Anniversary
May God bless both of you
Have a wonderful and beautiful day

On this special day,
let the whole world know,
that both of you are stuck to each other
and there is nothing we can do about it (hahaha :P)

Love: Darryl & Steffy
Kipa & Fara
JJ Gontit & Siti
JJ & Lyen
Ira & (tutt...coming soon..ada suda ka?) :D
and friends

Wednesday, October 21, 2009




Let me introduce my latest pet at home which is called Yoda..
I think my mum was the one who named him that way..
That night (2 months ago I guess :P), I arrived home late from UMS and suddenly my mum asked me:

'Stefi, ko suda nmpk tu puppy?'

And I was like:

'Hm?puppy?puppy mana 1? Shiro?'

Mum replied:

'Bukan.bru pnya (and went outside searching 4 d puppy)'

I was tired at that time and all I'm thinking of was my bed. Then my mum found him.
She showed Yoda to me and I was so happy coz Yoda is so cute!! hehe.. awww~~

I played with him for a while and then I went to tired..there will always be tomorrow..

FYI, Yoda was bought in Tamu Donggongon for expensive for an 'anjing kampung' / ordinary puppy like him..huhu..
I am not sure what breed is Yoda..nvm, I will search for it later..
Yoda is 3 months old now and is getting bigger..

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