Wednesday, October 21, 2009




Let me introduce my latest pet at home which is called Yoda..
I think my mum was the one who named him that way..
That night (2 months ago I guess :P), I arrived home late from UMS and suddenly my mum asked me:

'Stefi, ko suda nmpk tu puppy?'

And I was like:

'Hm?puppy?puppy mana 1? Shiro?'

Mum replied:

'Bukan.bru pnya (and went outside searching 4 d puppy)'

I was tired at that time and all I'm thinking of was my bed. Then my mum found him.
She showed Yoda to me and I was so happy coz Yoda is so cute!! hehe.. awww~~

I played with him for a while and then I went to tired..there will always be tomorrow..

FYI, Yoda was bought in Tamu Donggongon for expensive for an 'anjing kampung' / ordinary puppy like him..huhu..
I am not sure what breed is Yoda..nvm, I will search for it later..
Yoda is 3 months old now and is getting bigger..


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