Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Season

1Borneo Hypermall Christmas 

Last night, went to 1Borneo with Macy. Had the chance to snap a few pictures there using my dad's Nikon D80. Hahaha. Sorry dad :)

The star on the Christmas tree

The Super Big Christmas Tree

Please give me those Teddy Bears. I wonder how many Pink Teddy did they use to decorate the tree :P

During the holidays, I only managed to free myself from UMS only during the night. Everyday worked in the hatchery from 7.30 am to 3 pm.

Hopefully I will be home for Christmas. Actually, sometimes I went back home to decrease my homesick feeling (From UMS to my house = only 20 minutes drive) *wink* and increase my ka-ching (thanks dad !) :P

How I wished I'm at home, out with my hubby and friends when I wanted to. I miss them all !

Christmas 2008 

 Dad, Aaron, Mum, Steven and Steffy with The Crib

This picture was taken a year ago during the Christmas Celebration in Gaya Street. Guess who took the picture? He's a friend of mine. He is..Edgar ! Haha. We accidentally bumped into him and Scott that night. Thanks Gar.

Well, for now.. Happy Advent 2009 !!

15 more days to Christmas ~~


Kris and Nadia said...

wawa.. bestnya.. uiks, mama ko senyum :) hihi.. btw, merry X'mas in advance ;)

Ariadne said...

ngee..same 2 u both..

ps: mum sa pndai snyum jg tu..rmai org ckp sa pnya snyuman sm mcm dia :P ekekeke

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