Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sound of Music

This afternoon I was surfing through my FB when I saw my parents were tagged in my Aunt Abelle's FB photo album. Pictures of my dad's cousin's dinner wedding reception. I didn't had the chance to attend the wedding since I was very busy in UMS. Oh well. I have decided to post those pictures here anyways. Thanks Aunt Abelle !! *smile*

Dad and Grand-uncle Michael

Dad singing his favourite solo number 

Mum and my pretty cuzzie Ignasia (on stage) + Eileen (bride)

Congratulation Eileen and Rudy !! May God bless both of you. Amen :)

FYI, mum and dad loves to sing. I love to sing. Definitely, I inherited the singing gene from both of them *evil-laugh*


AccEBeR AiNaT said...

lol ur final yr ady ka?wow..time uncleeee sama si aunty..hahaha..lama tia npk..

Ariadne said... suda kunun.wakaka.another 1 sem to go ni.

akaka..c uncle jinius sm c aunty mary bha tu..ngehehe..

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