Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What happened to your English??

I am so sorry. I ask for forgiveness to those people who are involved in this matter but this really irritates me and I am so so so so ashamed.

This is a website. An IPTA website. This should not be happening. I know my English is not perfect but this?? Oh noooooo. Unacceptable !! My my my.. This is a very irresponsible act. How can this person do a job like this? Are you too lazy to consult anyone? Too busy to double-check your work perhaps? Hmm..


Kris and Nadia said...

Ok... I'm apologizing .. :) hihi..

AngelineJ said...

Say sorry to the computer screen. Or is it to the keyboard because you typed using the wrong keys? Maybe to the mouse because you clicked "Login" option using the mouse! Sorry haaaarrrrr :(

Ariadne said...

nad: bikin malu ja kan

kakak mimie: sarcasm tu bha..hahaha..

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