Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twilight Saga - Part II

It turns out to be that I have not really done reading all 4 books as I realized that I had not done reading the 1st one.

Last Tuesday, I went back home to ease my homesick feeling. Dad was still at home. I was a little surprised to see him there because the clock showed 9 in the morning. I thought he took a day off or something but at 9.30 he finally drove to work.

He was surprised to see me too and I told him that I had some newspaper advertisement searching to do. I had to go back home because I had no choice. I am not a frequent newspaper buyer you know. Can't blame me for that :D

My brother, Steven, helped me with finding the ads that I wanted. Thank you bro. 

I am telling you guys. It is haaaaaaaaaard to find any fish product/service advertisements in the newspapers.

Oops! Sorry for drifting away from the title. *smile*

Before I went back to UMS, I found the Twilight book on top of my table. I opened it and there it was, the bookmark, marking at not even half of the book! *sigh* That's when I realized that I haven't done reading it

So, officially now, I finished reading Twilight yesterday. So happy. The movie is really different than the story itself in the book you know. Well, that always happened. You cannot compact a 300++ pages story into a 2 hours ++ movie right?

I personally love this part

I googled this picture and I find it so nice



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