Saturday, January 9, 2010

What were they thinking - Church Burning Incident

It should not be happening here in our country Malaysia but some people do not know how to control their emotions and they just do whatever they want to do without even thinking what are the consequences towards others.

Please read this article below by clicking it.

An article by Vijay Joshi 

Credits to Vijay Joshi for posting this article.

Why is this happening? We should respect other religions and beliefs. I am wondering if those people who did that will go to Heaven? Was it a right thing to do?

In my opinion, what they did was very stupid and I think they do not even have a brain in their skull. Maybe they have brains but their neurons are not functioning well and it resulted in stupidity to the max.

I am angry and at the same time, I wanted to laugh. How many churches they wanted to burn? If they burn more churches, they will have plenty of space in Heaven? Your religion teach you to do that? To destroy other religions in order to be the top in the world or even the universe? Please grow up and open your mind. Think wisely before acting crazily.


GR14 said...

all we can do is pray..huhu..ajaran sesat dorg malaysia is no longer exist..our country sama ja mcm terrorist country..shit btl..dorg bising2 tp dorg xtau pun the word should be shared and does not belong to them only..main bomb2 church kita..wait til musibah menimpa dorg..baru dorg rasa..bkn kita yg create ini chaos tp dorg..

Ariadne said...

x guna jg kita minta musibah menimpa dorg bha..yg kta dpt buat is pray..tu ja..Amen..

GR14 said...

bkn kita minta musibah for them..but..buat baik d balas baik, buat jahat di balas jahat..right..?..yup, must pray..Amen~

Ariadne said...

miahahaha..ya lor..apa2 pun..hrp smua aman dan damai sejahtera..

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