Saturday, February 20, 2010

American Idol 2010

American Idol Season 9 is now on. Weeehaaa. I bet all the contestants this year are all very talented and super unique. Which one of them is your fav? Let's take a look at all of the Top 24. Congratulations guys and girls for making into the Top 24!

Contestant 1: Andrew Garcia

Contestant 2: Didi Benami

Contestant 3: Crystal Bowersox
 Contestant 4: Katie Stevens

Contestant 5: Lacey Brown

Contestant 6: Casey James (Kara loves him.Wow)
Contestant 7: John Park

 Contestant 8: Ashley Rodriguez

Contestant 9: Aaron Kelly (He forgot his lyrics during the Hollywood week but hello Top 24)

Contestant 10: Lilly Scott (I remembered her because of her hair and her singing style)

Contestant 11: Lee Dewyze

Contestant 12: Big Mike Lynche

Contestant 13: Paige Miles

 Contestant 14: Tyler Grady

 Contestant 15: Janell Wheeler

 Contestant 16: Tim Urban
 Contestant 17: Siobahn Magnu (Now, this girl is my fav. Wee

Contestant 18: Alex Lambert ( I was confused at first cuz of his last name. He is not related to Adam ok)

 Contestant 19: Jermaine Sellers (He sings effortlessly)

Contestant 20:  Haeley Vaughan (She has a unique singing style)

Contestant 21: Todrick Hall

 Contestant 22: Michelle Delanor (She looks like Leona Lewis. Agree with me?)

Contestant 23: Joe Munoz

Contestant 24: Katelyn Epperly

PS: All the pictures were taken from Buddy TV. Thanks for the goody-goody pictures.
For more info about the Top 24 AI contestants, you can go this website 
There you go guys. Pick your fav. Muahaha.

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Kris and Nadia said...

bagusnya.. sya nda tau menahu oo pasal ni American Idol ni..huahua.. ada tgk audition ja la :) mmg susah kan mo vote dorg, kdg2 sya rasa peserta dia jauh lagi talented dr artis --------- :)

Ariadne said...

ya lor. sa sngt bersetuju dgn anda. hebat2 belaka kan dorg. lebih2 lg dgn dorg pnya personality yg unique. hee

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