Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas 2009 at Nina's Place

The Komuji Family

Place: Kg. Sulim, Kinarut
Date: 24.12.2009

As usual, the family tradition. On 24 December of each year, all of us will gather together at our Nina's crib. Wow. Crib. Haha

Nelson & Nina


Aaron & Uncle Eno

Front: Tia
Back: Litho, Aunt Ann, Benji & Liza

Front: Abel
Middle: Aiden, Avie & Leah
Back: Ann, Comboi & Adam

Ina, Eyo, Alyn & Steffy

Abel, Comboi & Adam

Benji & Eyo

Liza & Benji


Nina & I 4got whose baby is this. whoopsie

Litho & Steffy

Alyn & Litho

The Christmas Cake

Gagaga. Took a while for me to upload these pictures.

Sorry cuzzies.

Click the thumbnails for a larger view. Hik2

- Enjoy -


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