Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Days Gone By

I love snapping pictures [Confession of a teenage drama queen. Hm. Teenage? :P]

Steffy & Intan in the UMS SPE MBA's seminar room. We had 1 class held there. Economy Aquaculture & Marketing subject. Wondering what aquaculture students doing in the SPE's block right. Hee

*SPE: Sekolah Pengajian & Ekonomi

 Dorothy@Do showing off her tongue. Ekeke. We came earlier that day, that's why sempat ambi gmbr kejap

 Guntur@Gun our class leader. Don't care & don't wanna know why he's standing like that. Maybe MJ knows?

*MJ: Mei Jing@Gun's laopo :) oops, sorry Gun. Terlepas cakap

 Intan & Do mengumpat about someone [I forgot who T.T] with Mei Fong in the background (standing)

*Black D&G Handbag for sale. How much Intan? Wahaha

 I saw this car yesterday when I bring YT to be serviced at Perodua Bundusan. What a wreck. Hope nobody was hurt during the accident.

This is how Tourism Malaysia KK office looks like at night

Family pictures. Not taken by me. Hik hik

 The 3 of us with our 3rd cousin from Kinarut. I feel so short :)
After the Christmas Eve's mass in St. Augustine's Church, Kinarut

 More of us. We never met before. Or maybe we did but we don't remember. Hoho

 Aiden with Yoda

 Leah with Yoda

Mi Familia


Gallivanter said...

The photo of the car surely looks scary, and like you, I really do hope that no one was seriously injured...

Ariadne said...

yeap.haha :D freaking scaryyyyy

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