Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey guys. Wanna wish ya Happy V Day and Happy CNY. Hubby brought me to his aunt's place in Kg. Kobusak for CNY. There was lion dance and also ketam2. Some pictures for you.

 The lion in front of the main door

 1st take

 2nd take

 Final take

For the ketam2, I won more than RM100++ *wink :D lucky me. Actually, it's not even my money, it's hubby's. Hehe. His mum helped me too in winning those ka-ching. It's a first for me though, to know that ketam2 is as well played during CNY celebration. 

Hooo. What about my V Day? Ngehehe. I celebrated that special day 2 days earlier with hubby. Yay. We catched a movie (not V Day movie, gonna catch that movie soon). Continued to M-Cubed Bar to join Gina and the gang. Then, home sweet home.

Faizal & Tasha
Darryl & Steffy

Gina, Flo & Maria

I love you D.H

forever & ever hubby

happy Valentine's day

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