Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Review: Valentine's Day

At last,we went to the movies last night and watched the Valentine's Day movie at you-know-where in CP. However, I must tell you that watching movies at that place was really frustrating. Well, we had no choice. V Day movie is only showing in their cinema. Picture this in your head (I know we can do some imagination thingy here), we were in Cinema 3, the carpet smelled like a rotten fish+wet socks+tut+tut, the chair doesn't feel like a chair at all, it make sounds like kik-kuk-kik-kuk (like the sound of an old insane man walking up the stairs in a huge haunted house), while watching the movie you can hear some hideous stars-wanna-be singing next door. It was pretty devastating to know that both GSC and Cathay didn't show that particular movie even though Cathay did advertise that V Day movie earlier (as earlier as 12 Feb). Duh. They even used leaflets and fliers to encourage people to come to their cinema on Valentine's Day. Huh. What a disapointment.

For the review, in my opinion, the movie was niceeee. It really pictures how all the couples in the whole world lived their lives together. Ups and downs are norms of those people who are in love. 'You don't simply step into love but you fall deeply in love'. Owh. I love this sentence. Miahaha. Oh ya. Before I forgot, all the female audience went gaga when the-hot-Twilight-werewolf Taylor Lautner appeared in that movie. Adoi. Taylor Swift? What can I say, her role in that movie was the blondie. Ugh. Plus, from this movie, I just knew that by inhaling Helium gas, it can make your voice sounded like chipmunks but too much of it may cause serious damage. Wahaha. Laughing gas which is nitrous oxide is different, it makes you laugh. Helium alters your voice. Google it to find more info.


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