Thursday, February 4, 2010

These are a few of my fav things.. is it Steffy?

Elow everyone. It's been a tiring week for me. Saya tau la hari ni baru hari Khamis. Gg :) but I feel so damn tired and it's too long for me. Oh no. Please help me. Hm. My tiring week started from last Saturday, attented seminar class, as usual. Then, Sunday, again seminar class, as usual. Monday, progress presentation in IPMB. Hm? Progress presentation? Yup. Tsk. Tuesday, progress presentation which included me. Weeew. I was the 3rd presenter and guess what? I think I was OK. OK enough because after I've finished presenting, all the lecturers were (hmm, how should I describe this), struggling to think of a question to ask me. I was expecting some killer questions (bukan lagi tembak pakai pistol biasa tapi machine gun punya soalan) or opinions such as you-better-follow-my-suggestions-so-shut-up-your-mouth with a do-not-act-like-you-are-clever-than-me face but surprisingly, only my supervisor held up his hand (because the MC asked him to do so) and told me that I have a few wrong info (small matters only, according to what he told me when I met him yesterday). After that, another lecturer eventually suggested something regarding my feeding densities given to the larvae (mesti kamu blur ni kan? wahahaha). Then, that was it. Tada! How surprising is that? I am not bragging or anything la. I am just shocked because am I that good? I am definitely still going to continue to train myself even harder (ceh,minta puji pnya tondu) and I have so much more to learn. Especially in answering uninvited questions or out-of-the-box suggestions. Will improve more next time.

My other friends, Intan and Macy. Woah. They really received a few killer questions which makes them mad. Some of the lecturers questioned their techniques in their materials & methods part and when they answered them, it made the aura/atmosphere in the Seminar Room very tense, uptight and macam mau berperang saja. Which happened to me in my Proposal Presentation last time. Huh. They gave me low points that time. Aiya. Why like that oh, I also dont know oh. Frustrated bha ging, bukan kalau dpt jwb soalan kena bg xtra mark ka, drpd diam2 ja. Kan? Kan?

OK. Enough about presentations. Yesterday, again was tiring. Class from 8 am to 11 am. Went to CIMB Bank with Intan. Meeting with Prof at hatchery from 12.45 pm to 2.00 pm. Then, together with Macy and Intan, went to Intan's house, Wisma Pertanian and Likas Square, OTW back to UMS around 4.30 pm. Dropped by at hatchery then finally, back to my room. Wah. Kalah menteri oo kan? Ngee.Si Dorothy Raymond yg ckp ni. Wahaha. Full name lg tu.

The reason why I had to carry my lazy-and-sexy butt (wah, sexy ka? seksa adalah..) to Wisma Pertanian is to settle my Industrial Training application. Adakah patut borang yg patut diisi oleh itu company tiba2 dikembalikan kpd sa tanpa apa2 jwpn pun? melanda. The company said they didn't even received the form from me. Wow. How come? That stupid Biotech student who doesn't know anything about this matter and volunteered to send all our documents (a resume, a form that supposed to be filled by the company whether they accept you or not and a few certs), posted it back to me. Punya main budu? I don't have any evidence who did that though. It is only a-simply-easy-and-crazy assumption of my mind. Blame the mind please. Tapi kan, sepa lg yg kirim balik itu borang kalau bkn dia bha? Sbb dia yg volunteer mau urus. Palui tul si kawan ni. Bagus2 sa ckp biar sa yg urus, mau jg si kawan urus.Hish. Then, I suddenly had a stupid thought, maybe he intended to sabotage my I.T application and that's why he did that. But still, I don't have any evidence on this matter too. You know what made my assumption seems to be too real again? OK. Hear this. I received back 2 forms last Monday (mine and 1 lagi kwn punya), but when I arrived at the company, the lady in charge told me that only my form was missing, my other friend's form is with them. Ai? What is this? Apa barang sa pnya form ja xda pdhal kwn sa punya form pn ada sm sa? I was going to go berserk when I heard what she said but when the lady told me that they approved my application to do practical under them, that cooled me down. Hohoho. Guess what? I am going to do my I.T at the Fisheries Department in Penampang. Yeeeeehhaaaa! No need for me to wake up early in the morning to go to work. ~~I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy~~ ***iklan kejap..ok, sambung cerita..*** Ahem. Bha. Dekat ruma saja kan. Miahaha. Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers. Amen. Praise the Lord.

My other friends are going to do their I.T in Japan. I was given the chance too by my lecturer and he kept on asking me a million of times, but I really don't have the heart to go there. It's too far for me. I know it's going to be for 10 weeks only. It is a good opportunity for me and I should have grabbed it but... I am lost for words here. Tsk. Anyways, I wish them good luck and have fun you guys :D especially Macy and Intan. Macy is excited to find some cute guys there. Intan is excited to do shopping there. They are so Intan and Macy. Akakaka.

Anyways.. I miss you SAA 2307 T :)

Baby you're all that I want, when I'm lying here in your arms..

Yes.. Steffy is lovey-dovey-ing..


Anonymous said...

OMG, u should have grab the oppertunity to do ur I.T overseas. It will significantly improve your career prospect.

I did my I.T in Germany and by the time I completed my degree, I've managed to land several job offers in Malaysia and Singapore. Compared to my friends who didn't go, they are still umemployed right now.

It's all about the work experince and global exposure! It was tough, several months away from my parents and siblings but it definately worth it!

Steffy said...

hehe. thnx 4 d advices though :)

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