Monday, March 1, 2010

Auntie English

Have you ever seen an advertisement where at the end of it the lovely lady will say 'speaking proper English is the only way' with a super-freaking-scary wide smile? She's known as Auntie English in Astro Channel I forgot which channel. Sowie T.T.

In my opinion, ceh mcm jwb assignment ja, akaka, she's hilarious and they will come out with different kind of ads every month. If you realize la.

The 1st ad was a scene where a guy uses his phone in the cinema while watching movie. He was scolded by the movie viewers and he apologizes but Auntie English suddenly appeared at the movie screen and scolded him to say sorry in a proper English =_="

The 2nd ad, it's a scene where a mom is scolding her boy in the living room while he is watching the TV then suddenly Auntie English appeared on the screen and teaches the mom how to scold her boy in the right way which is in a proper English. Whaaaaaat?

Then, another scene is 2 ladies are chatting in a bus. The other lady doesn't pay any attention to her friend at all but the friend keeps on telling her about stuff. Then, suddenly Auntie English appeared on the TV screen and teaches her on how to invite a friend in a proper English. The lady said 'I will spend you lunch later' to her friend (and we all now that's not a proper English right?) *laugh* Auntie English corrected her by saying 'You don't use the word spend that way. You are suppose to say I will treat you to lunch'

You know what's the funniest? It's when Auntie English visited Hitz.FM's studio to meet JJ & Ian. Can you guess what happened? I didn't had the chance to listen to their conversation but what I can remember is 1 thing. And it goes like this.

JJ & Ian: What's up auntie?
Auntie English: What's up? You are asking me what's up? What's up is the ceiling!

Get it? Did you get it? *laugh* It's funnier if you heard them speak that way though.
I googled Auntie English but it seems like she's not famous enough because I can't find her. *sigh*

P/S: Oh ya. Pardon me for my imperfect English. Band 4 saja kan. Bkn mcm si hubby, Band 6 kama tu :D wahahaha So lazy to check my grammar especially the past tense and present tense. Biarla tu. Ish.

Nung kivaa timpu toi chance, aanangan zou do monuat blog ku in Kadazan. Mogulambang nopo zou tii. Wahaha. Tanak kadazan boh tii. Mamalu nopo nung tanak Kadazan tapi au apandai moboos kadazan koni. Au zou poduli nung au otopot ii grammar ku, yang penting kalati ko nunu booson ku. Help me help me :D <--- This is my attempt to blog in Kadazan language. FYI, I am a Kadazan and I am so proud of it. Weeeee.



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