Monday, March 1, 2010

Infinity Downline

Recently, I have joined this thing called Infinity Downline. Usually, I don't believe these kinds of stuff because I always assumed it as a scam. However, the thing that changed my mind is the person who introduce me about Infinity Downline is a really close friend of mine. She told me everything about it. I was not so sure at first but like most people say, sometimes we must take risk. In addition, it also involved only a little amount of money compared to other program like the Skor A (which requires you to pay RM800 just for registration and so on) or the Southern Bakery (I think more than RM150++ is required? Not so sure). For Infinity Downline, registration is free and you only need to spend RM100 per month to activate the membership and don't worry, you'll gain back more than that when you invite more of your friends to join this program. Now, can you see the picture? It's a win-win situation.

Ok ok.I will not elaborate more on this here though. Afraid that you'll be bored. Haha.

So, if you are interested, please contact me or you can sen me an e-mail me at or just click here if you want to register right away. Firstly, make sure you inform me and then I will send another e-mail to you so that you can understand more regarding it. Tata for now. xoxo

I found these info from another blogger. Maybe it might help you understand more.




Kris and Nadia said...

wah stefy bravo to you.. trus sya pun faham jg ni baca ko pya post :) very good :) hihi..

Steffy said... main antam ja tu nad.paling simple yg sa blh fkir uda tu.huehue

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