Monday, March 15, 2010

Photography (at home)

Dad's cam is at home. So it's Steffy da Paparoza time!
Pink Bougainvillea. Is that how it's spelled?

No comment =_=" but I love this shot. Don't know why. Hehe

My dog Sexy. Model of the day.

Focused on Sexy. Zoom zoom out

Sexy at the background. Zoom zoom in.

My Yoda. So big od kan? :D

Our rides. The Jipanins love big cars. Wahaha

Till next time..

- xoxo -


GR14 said...

itu popi kiut ooo..grigitan sa...hohoho

Steffy said...

cute kan my Yoda. hehe. my mum bought it in Tamu Dongs. lupa brp hrga dia.

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