Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raja Lawak 4

Gelanggang Raja Lawak is one of Astro Malaysia's reality show where the contestants were chosen from Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak) and every week they were given tasks to perform a stand up comedy or jokes at the end of the week which is on Sunday 9pm at Astro Prima (Channel 105). The winner are determined by voters (can vote by sms or fixed lines) from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Hm. Not sure about that voting system. Haha.

Well, last Sunday is the finals. And here are the results. Sorry, late post de.

Results of Gelanggang Raja Lawak 4

1st: Kecik
2nd: Idlan
3rd: Alex

I am proud to say that both of the Sabahan contestants which are Kecik and Alex managed to stay in the finals and finally won by them too.

No offense but I don't seem to really admire Idlan because he is so 10-minutes-ago
if you know what I mean. You'll know this if you watched his performance before. The idea of 'Pak Kassim' every week gave me a nightmare and a few headaches but his jokes made me laugh several times laaa (2 times only I guess? Zz)

Kecik are both 2 funny friends who always seems funnier every week but their performance were not consistent enough. Sometimes they were so good, then the following week not so good.

Alex's performance seemed to go downhill from week to week. He was so great for the 1st 3 weeks. I like his 3rd week's performance the most where he became a beggar. For the whole 2 and a half minutes, he really made people laugh.

This was Alex's performance in his 3rd week

So, congratulations to the winner and the runner-ups.. Yay~~


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