Monday, March 15, 2010

Reunion 2007 at Mitch's house

I went back home this morning and found some old pictures in my dad's laptop. I didn't have these pictures with me because of frequent laptop formatting. Hee. I'm not sure the pictures from whose camera but I think maybe it's Edgar's or Marcie's. Forgot liao. Sory :(

Here we go..


2005 Michaelian 5 Amanah & 5 Cekal Reunion

Date: 22 June 2007
Place: Mitch's House

Big Gregg, Oliver, Jace, Small Greg, Steffy, Leslie, Edgar, Richie, Mitchell & Annie

Us again with different poses

Steffy, Edgar & Leslie

Annie, Ellida, Pheona & Steffy

Yam Seng

Our 'Happy Reunion 2007' cake

Natalie, Marcie, Germaine, Ellida, Felcie & Steffy

Candle blowing time!
Jo-Anna, Ms Therese, Leslie, Mitchell, Steffy & Dolly's head (I think)

Cake cutting time!

Richie, Oliver, Edgar, Ian & Steffy

Steffy, Jo-Anna & Marcie

Group Picture 1

Group Picture 2

Ian, Steffy, Mitchell, Pheona, Natalie, Marcie, Germaine, Felcie, Majoree, Leslie, Ms Therese, Ellida, Jo-Anna, Edgar, Jessu, Greg, Jace, Jason, Oliver, Luke, Dexter, Howell, Gregg, Carlson, Richie & Annie (Sorry if I missed out any names)

Ms Therese (our beloved class teacher) & myself

Peace y'all

Jason & Steffy
Pheona singing with all her heart :)

Edgar (budak paling pandai in our class) & myself

Shout out to all my classmates out there. Next reunion? When will it be? Baru 5 years juga bha. Inda pyh reunion pn blh bha. Zz

Semua pun harap si Steffy juga ni kan. Atau si Marcie.Miss Therese tanya2 suda sa, bila lg reunion dia bilang. Last time kamu2 yg lelaki tu, tidak kira reunion okay. Kusai nopo ngaavi. Akaka. We'll make it simple this time or maybe meletup kebabom?

Take care all of you.

- xoxo - 


GR14 said...

wee hee..bila stef..haha..

Steffy said...

tou zou koiho.ngiahaha.nx year la.we plan from now on.lolz

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