Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thanks la Marcie Elene. Now I have to do the whole 'tagged' thing. Wahaha. Mcm la terpaksa kan. Dududu

Q1: Nama-nama timangan oleh org tersayang...

At home: Steffy, Fifie, Stef or Fie
The BF: Baby, Bebeh or Babe *blushness*

Q2: Anda seorang yang...

Loudspeaker, outspoken, outreach, outline, outdoor..everything with the word 'out', crazy, brave, adorable (*choking choking*), responsible, incredible, sensible..and all the -ible or -able words you know :D wahaha They call me 'Incredible Steffy' when I'm mad. Short-tempered but wait for 5-10 seconds, I'll suddenly talk to you like nothing ever happened.

Q3: Your favourite food..

Mihun sup Pipin (sama ar Jimen.. wahaha)
Burger King - BK Black Pepper
Damai's Prawn Mee
Famous Amos
Old Town's Prawn Mee

Yeah I know. I am a big fan of Prawn Mee.

Xtra info: I love the one and only Iced Lemon Tea. Haaaahaaa

Q4:Favourite colours...

Purple (people say this is a widow's colour), Black (I have loads of shirts in this colour, it makes all of us look less fatter..yesh!), White and Blue.

Q5:Favourite songs (currently listening to)...

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Today was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift, Never Knew I Needed - Neyo, Derita Merindu - Ahli Fiqir (the only Malay song which catches my interest..wahaha), Jangan Ada Dusta Di Antara Kita (our fav karaoke song kan hubby? lalala), I Wanna Know - Joe (I wanna know what turns you on~~~~)

Q6: Sikap yg membuatkan anda stress... 

Irresponsible, ungrateful, show off, drama-queen (wait a minute, that's me.wahaha), laptop yg hang, slow internet connection, eh..I think I'm out of the topic,ok ok..people with that kind of stare which makes you feel what's-your-problem-I-didn't-do-anything-wrong-to-you..kiss ass, mean girl wanna be but x sesuai pun..yucks

Q7: benda yg mesti ade dalam bag/handbag anda 
Most important is my purse (of course..everyone needs a purse or a wallet right? or else where do you want to put your $$$, MyKad, driving license,  credit cards, lovey-dovey couple's picture..hahaha), lip-gloss, my Za compact powder, eye-drop, sanitizer, hair comb, hair band, tissue, car key, dorm key, pad/pantyliner,my lucky charm (ini saja2 ja ni, pdhal xda pun. hee)

Q8: Kali terakhir anda menangis beriya-iya..kenapa??
Last Saturday, 13 March..A stupid and bad dream..Then, my superman comes to rescue me..Thanks hubby :D

Q9: Tag 5 rakan anda


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