Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hell yeah.

Recently, I participated in 'something'. I hope I do make it to the 'next round'. If not, it's okay. It was a very good experience standing in front of them by being me. Making all the audience laughed out loud. Shaking their head with this-girl-is-really-something expression. Owh. Am I over-reacting. Haha. They even asked me to sing a song to them. I chose to sing Kaandaman Piginavaan by Clare Petrus Edwin but sorry to say I did forgot a few lines. 1 rangkap ja bh sa nyanyi. Bahahaha~

Made new friends today: Nelly, Florace and Jayne. Nice to know you guys :P bertambah lah bintang2 di langit sa ni malam ni tau

Also met the gorgeous Cindy (my cousin jauh, bau2 bacang ja maybe), the famous Crystal Majimbun, the beautiful Jaslinder Kaur and a few old friends from my secondary school SM St. Michael, Penampang. Phew~~ They are the most pretty and friendly person on Earth I have met today. Bahahaha~~ Bestnya got the privileges to chat with them. Cantiknya dorg~~~ *sigh*

This 'something' is a first for me. I never imagined I would participate in 'something' like this before. Bha. Gaya pn mcm lelaki kan. Ganas. Bahahaha~ Anyways, I girl will always be a girl. I like~~ I have achieved something new in my life. I really am thankful and feel blessed. Thank you Lord for this wonderful experience. Amen.

Anyways, good luck to the other participants. Wishing you guys all the best ya. Pegang ja hp kmu ar bisuk, jgn kasi lepas, kasi kuat2 itu ringtone. Takut nti x sedar bila kna kol. Bahahaha~~ Buena suerte!!

Btw, I want to take this opportunity to wish Nadia Richard and Kristalandra Phillip because it's their wedding day today! Weeee~~ Congratulations to both of you ya! Wishing you happiness and joy in your new journey as husband and wife! God bless both of you and your family~ :)

Till then,


Tal said...

unduk ngadau ka steff? hehe~

Steffy said...

bahahaha~ kc iya ja la Tal.. ekekekeke

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