Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let us help to keep your belongings for you.

Even wondered why your house have so much stuff in it? Some are necessary stuffs and some are not? Mobile storage is here for you! You can save extra space for extra environment. Haha~ However, this service is only available in the US okay. SEA people, do not feel sad, you can just build stores inside your house. The attic perhaps? Or like my house, we have 3 storehouse@store. Attic, near our garage and sulap (a small house where last time it was used to store rice taken at the paddy field). Hee~~

Mobile storage, also called portable storage, is a convenient, portable alternative to traditional self storage. Instead of renting a storage unit and having to take your belongings to the unit and unload them there; the mobile storage unit is brought to you.

When renting mobile storage, a mobile storage company will bring a portable storage unit right to your home or office. They will drop of the unit, typically ranging in size from a 5x7 to a 10x13. You then have as much time as you need to fill the unit. After the unit is loaded, you can either store the unit at your home or office, or call the mobile storage company to come and pick the unit up. When they pick it up they can either store it at their warehouse, or if you’re moving, can deliver it to your new home or office. If you are planning on storing the unit at your home or office be sure to check with the mobile storage provider to see if there are any regulations against doing so. 

Start your search for a mobile storage company in your area now by entering your city or zip code below. We’ll show you quality mobile storage companies in your area that will deliver right to your door! You can contact the company of your choice by calling them or requesting a free rate quote via email. By comparing multiple companies here you’ll save time and money!  

When renting mobile storage you will typically pay a delivery fee to have the unit dropped off. If you’re having them store the unit for you, you will then pay a monthly storage fee. Then, when the unit is dropped back off at your home or office you will have another delivery fee. This can make mobile storage a bit more expensive than traditional storage if you’re storing for a short time; however the convenience of not having to rent a truck and take your belongings to a storage facility may be worth it. Also, many mobile storage operators will discount pick-up and delivery fees in order to make it even more affordable. If you’re moving mobile storage is often a very convenient and affordable option to renting a moving truck or paying a moving company.

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