Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Viva Thingy.

Busy. Busy. Busy. However, update I must.

I have finally presented my FYP yesterday. Phew. What a relief man~~ I tell you. It feels goodie goodie goooood. It was quite ok. Dr. Rossita told me that 'It was a good presentation. Your voice bla bla. However I still have a few questions' *Gulp* haha. The other lecturers also asked me questions. Good questions which makes your brain make a fool of yourself. I did answer all of it but I am not pretty sure if all of my answers were good enough to give me a few extra points. Huhu. Never mind. Praise the Lord. Amen!

There were 10 of us who were supervised by Prof. Senoo and we were the ones who presented twice in a month during Seminar Class in the hatchery. Yes. Every week :) It was tiring but that is the good part. Tired + Fun. Hehe. Lots and lots of practice and suggestions and comments from the PhD Seniors, R.As and from Prof. Senoo himself. We were so lucky to have them to guide us during this 1 whole year. Thank you very much to UMS Hatchery family. We will definitely miss all of you. Tsk tsk.

6 of us (Susie, myself, Macy, Ah Yau, King Fui and Aizat) presented yesterday and today's Viva is going to be Intan's, Chee Kai's, Sonia's and Guntur's turn. I wish all of them the best of luck. You guys can do it! 

I wish good luck to my other coursemates as well. Be confident and believe in yourself.

During 30 min break time.

O ya. After our Viva today, me and a few of my coursemates will go for a Lokan Bakar and Coconut Pudding Time! Yipppeeeee. I will definitely bring my cam this time. Snap snap. Can't wait for it. Weee~~~

Take care everyone.

= xoxo =


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