Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day in UiTM

Hello fellow readers & bloggers, today I accompanied my dad to bring my brother to UiTM Menggatal for his registration. He's going to continue his study there by taking Diploma in something (I forgot).

We parked at the 'Tempat Letak Kereta Ibubapa' area and took the bus to Kolej Kediaman Cluster A/B.

Thank God I changed from a 5-inch heels to my flats. After going down from the bus, we have to walk to Cluster B which took us 10 minutes to reach there. That's the boys dormitories. Cluster A is for girls.

The facilitator who helped Steven is Darryl's friend but he didn't recognized me. Maybe it's because of we've only met once or twice before. Haha. His name is Farouk. Jagalah ko Farouk x knal sa. Miahahaha.

Steven posing for the camera

View from the window

Me cam-whoring in front of the mirror inside the dorm. Haha~

Jude, Steven's friend. His room is just 2 rooms away. Jadi ada jugalah kwn dia.

After completing the registration, we went to Tuaran. My dad's friend, Uncle Peter Pipin invited us to his son's wedding reception. Teeheee. To Ellron & Cecimilah, congratulations and God bless both of you always!

I sang 2 songs for them to entertain all the guests. Hosoko Sinduo Ginavo & My Heart Will Go On.

Then we went back home and proceed to another wedding reception invitation in my own village. Saw Aunt Alison there too. To Lawrie & Mesikata, big congratulations and may both of you will be showered with blessing. I was invited to sing too. Haha. Mana boleh escape kan? Lucky for me, Richard (the musician) chose the songs for me and I sang 2 songs which were Abal Mantad Kampung & Adaa.

When will it be my turn to get married? Haha. You still have a loooooooooooong way to go Steffy. Don't think too much :P *wink*
I am waiting for my one and only. Just like what I've heard Kakak Mimie said once to our little niece, Avie 'You don't go and tackle guys. Let them tackle you even if you have to wait until you get old' Haha~


all-is-off said...

work n make your own money dulu ah moi before you think of getting married - you have to have your own money - cannot harap laki 100%. why you all datang lambat i didn't get to hear you sing :(

Steffy said...

aunt allison.. wahahaha.. mmg la bh want work lu.. i wana have my own ka-ching!! ngee..yes.. cnt count on guys alone..

u guys yang go back early bh aunty.. heee..

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