Friday, June 18, 2010

I am not a football fan but I am NOW!

Before beginning my post I would like to say thank you to Serena for encouraging me to watch ONE football match. Haha. (Ahem.. Ser darling.. I am helping to promote your blog here kama :P)

My 1st football match was ARG vs KOR. It turned out to be I am supporting Argentinian and Spaniard because I have learned their language in UMS. Haha. Xda kaitan ni. Sot. I like the way they played. Full of emotions. Especially their coach, Diego Maradona. Apuu. He is such a cool guy!

My 2nd football match was GER vs SRB. Too many yellow cards man! I am not sure whether all of the players really love to commit fouls or maybe the referee was super strict by giving them yellow cards in each fouls they make. Balik2 jatuh. Sikit2 jatuh. Ada yg pura2 lg tu jatuh. Haiz. Bikin panas. It was boring watching them play. No umph! at all. Ngehehe. Who am I to criticize them right. I don't play football very well pun.

Believe it or not. I have bookmarked FIFA's website and kept it as my favourite website. How cool is that? Hahahaha~~ 1st time in Steffy's history! Woot woot~~


Serena Allysha Wong said...

Thank u for promoting stef.. told ya.. argentinian will not fail us.. I was in kedai kopi during the match.. wearing argentina's jersey.. the place was so scary cse everyone there wants korea to win.. while kami teriak2.. mcm maw kena pukul edi kami tu time.. after the match end kan, trus kami choaw ni.. hahahaha.. btw, argentinian speak spanish right?

Steffy said...

haha. brani mati juga u p pkai jersey argentina ser. haha. nsib x kna pkul ar u guys. lol. yup darling. dey speak spanish. miahahah~~

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