Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am not a football fan

Go Argentina..

Go Spain..


Also trying to dissolve myself in the football fever but I know I failed..



Serena Allysha Wong said...

cuba ko tgk satu match.. ko tgk argentina la.. the match is superb.. serious shit Fie..

Steffy said...

ser darling. will try dat kio. i never watch a football match from the beginning until the end before bh. always tertdur ni time awal-awal game. miahahaha

Serena Allysha Wong said...

hahahaha.. watch your fav team sj ba.. jan u watch yg teda2.. confirm ngantuk.. hahahaha

Steffy said...

kuang kuang. od watch smlm. arg vs kor. i like!!!!

Serena Allysha Wong said...

hahahaha.. argentina for world cup 2010..

Steffy said...

argentina. me gusto mucho!! haha

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