Monday, June 14, 2010

Life is full of surprises

Last Sunday's gospel reading tells us to love our enemies. Which means to forgive those who hurts you, who talks bad about you, who cursed you and all the bad bad BAD stuff which they had ever done to you. Forgiveness for some people is like 'hell no!' but for some people like me it's 'hello!'. What I mean here is some people do forgive other people easily but some people do not forgive or perhaps I can say never forgive people. However, let's turn it the other way around. If you mistakenly hurt a friend and you ask for their forgiveness, would you want her to forgive you or not to forgive you. Bonus question is it? My point here is you yourself do not want to forgive people but you want them to forgive you when you say sorry to them. A few people in the world are like this (most of them maybe?). I am not sure whether they are born with it or maybe that's who they are since I don't give a damn when.

I do forgive people but sometimes it takes time. Maybe for a while or maybe took a little longer than expected. LOL. I might get angry easily but when I realized that if I have said something that might hurt their feelings, I will quickly get back at them and say sorry instead. Haha.

Life is so full of surprises. Ugly or not. That's the truth. The ugly truth. During my 22 years in this world, I have learned a lot. Yeah. I know. Still more to come. Expecting it in every bit of my day. I do thank the Lord for giving me the privileges to live until this day. Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

I forgive you for who you are, for what you did and for what you are doing right now. This goes to all the people that I know. Nobody is perfect right. All people make mistakes and who are we to judge them. Only God can judge us because He is the creator. However, as human beings who loves each other very much, I strongly felt that in order for us to take care of each other, we must always remind each and everyone of us about our wrong doings and mistakes that we are about to do. So, always bear in mind that the more advices you get, the more love you receive. Hehe.

Dear you-know-who-you-are, I trust you and I believe you. I forgive you. There you go. I have typed it here. You can print my post if you want, to make it some kind of evidence or whatever you like. Can you please you-know-what-to-do ? I'm Yours - Jason Mraz. The choice is yours.

Appreciate your loved ones because we do not know when we might lose them. I love you mum, dad and my 2 big brothers (big bro because they are bigger than me in terms of size. Ngee. I'm their little sister in terms of size :P )

It's better to love someone who loves you back than someone you love. Booooyaaaaaaaa~

Find someone who makes you happy, sad and happy again. Happy forever and ever is boring. A little drama suits me well. I love drama! Bha ya laa tu. Bring it on bha!

Relationship is all about sacrifice but too much sacrifice is WTF and WTH. Why oh why. How oh how. Where oh where.


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