Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Restoran Atong

Most of you here in Donggongon area probably have already heard about a famous restaurant which serves Fish Head MeeHoon Soup with Milk which is Restoran Atong/ Atong's Restaurant. Situated behind New Metro Restaurant near the Siga Roundabout. Yes. You will definitely find it there.

Just now, Steven and I went there to have our late breakfast together with Uncle Joe around 10 in the morning.

Welcome to Atong sign

You can order Meehoon, Mee or Kuey Teow for the noodles. Fresh or fried sliced fish. With or without the milk. I will ask you to go with the milk because it tastes sooo GOOD! They also serve Tom Yam, porridge, fried mee and etc.. but in my opinion, the soup is the best among all. Teehee~

Fried Sliced Fish Tom Yam Soup ordered by Uncle Joe

My Fresh Sliced Fish Meehoon Soup with milk. Yummy~

My Lemon Teh Ping :)

My Bonia shades and handphone bag. Haha

After finishing our food and having varieties of conversation topics with Uncle Joe, we went back home. Did some photoshoot at the garage. Haha.

Steven *sigh*

 Uncle Joe came to the house doing some Astro's survey thingy.

Steven helped him with it and was paid for participating in that survey. Nice. You are paid just like that after answering survey questions. How nice is that?

Models of the day. Hee~

Kampung Kolopis Ugly Betty

Now I am off to bed. So sleepy. That's because I slept around 3am this morning. Watched Spain vs Honduras *sigh* Feel like I am going to be sick. Please don't.

Go! Go! Go! Argentina & Spain!
Bye Brazil! Hahaha

= xoxo =


Anonymous said...

lama x pi makan sana. . sedap oh. . sya rindu teh c-ping special dia. . masih ada ka sana??? :D

Steffy said...

masi ada bh.. hehe

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