Friday, June 4, 2010

Status update to the max!

OK. I know it's June liao. And my oh my, I only posted 1 post for the month of May. WTF!! Biar betul ni Steffy? OMG OMG kesibukan melanda. Hahaha.

1. UN DBKK: Managed to reach until Top 15 Finalist aja. Nvm.
2. Industrial Training: Completed my 3 weeks practical at Jabatan Perikanan Babagon, Penampang. Starting from next week I will be doing my 1 week practical at Jabatan Perikanan Tanjung Badak, Tuaran.
3. Kaamatan Kolopis: I am participating 2 kopiboian. Which are Sugandoi, representing Takad and UN, representing Soboong :D *wink* The Finals for Sugandoi and Sodop Unduk Ngadau will be held at Kg. Tindai tonight at 7.30. Do come ya! Unduk Ngadau is tomorrow at noon.
4. Streamyx: Luckily today the connection is quite good enough for me to do some blogging :P
5. Relationship: Waaa.. mau jg ka bgtau cni.. Ngee~
6. Health condition: Still trying to lose some weight.. Beh.
7. Movies update: Shrek 3D I LIKE!!!! Prince of Persia I LOVE!!! Hahahaha~

Mmmmm bhaaa... bye~~~


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