Monday, June 21, 2010

Vote for me in Project O&O

Project O&O is a project where their aim is to pick 1 male contestant and 1 female contestant throughout all the universities or college in Malaysia & Singapore in order to become a spokeperson/model.

All vote counts!! Do vote now!! :D

To vote please go to this link here

For those who have problem in voting please follow these simple steps below:

1. Click 'Like' Project O&O
2. Click 'Like' at my picture

Thank you very much guys. You only have 4 hours to vote before the closing time. Yippee.

Thank you again and God bless.


Serena Allysha Wong said...

Fie.. x dpt like ur photo pun.. content not found dia ckp..

Steffy said...

Owh. cz last nite dey close at 12am for d registration submission. nti at 12pm bru buka blik. dey will choose a few pics x knw hw many. if i made it to the round 1, i will post about it again. x worry. thnx ser for wanting to vote. haha :D

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