Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wei.. It's Father's Day!! Yippee

Today everyone is celebrating Father's Day with their family. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather and etc.. Some of them are still here with us but some of them might be up there in heaven, watching us grow day by day and night by night. We love them for always being there for us.

To my dad, Mr Jinius Jipanin. Thank you dad for becoming the world's greatest dad. You have taught me everything since the day I came to this world. When I made mistakes, you scolded me for it. I know that the experience of watching me grow up for these 22 years are full of tears and joy. However, despite of all that, mum and dad never stop to guide me. I realized that I have always let you guys down. Sometimes, I have said things that one should never speak their parents. Who are we to shout at them or sometimes scream at them like a crazy person.

Thank you dad for this wonderful experience. I am becoming a better person because of your love and care. I still remember the day I have a fight with my dad just because of durian when I was 15 years old. My cousins, Alyn and Avin were living at our house in Kolopis at that time. That was the very 1st time my dad screamed at me. I can't really remember what were the details about that situation but believe me, I was really shocked and sad. I was doing my revision at that time and because of that incidence I went into my room and I cried silently. Alyn comforted me. Then, my mum came into the room to talk to me. Told me what's wrong but I can't even explain it to her. Alyn told her that my dad shouted at me. Mum was trying hard to make me understand why was dad so angry at me although she herself was shocked too. She told me that maybe dad was really having a bad day at work. FYI, my dad is usually a cool person. He never scream or shout whenever he is angry. Sometimes only to my 2 brothers la, especially when calling them around the house. Payah sikit mau panggil tu dua munyit tu. Anyways, the next day I tried to prevent myself from talking to my dad (to show him that his daughter is merajuk-ing) Haha. But somehow I failed *sigh* I tend to forget things like that easily bah. I don't do merajuk for a long time. Bagus bah c Steffy ni~ Huahuahua

Local people say 'Senang lagi mau jaga 1000 ekor kerbau daripada jaga 1 orang anak perempuan'. I agreed with this statement because I have went through these kinds of things. I am very hard to be taken care of. I admit it. I am not the type of girl who will just go through the road straight ahead. I like to divert here and there but somehow I still managed to reach the end of the straigh road. Haha~ If you know what I mean. I am a very naughty child. I don't take things easily. I am not saying that I am a samseng or whatsoever but that's just me. I am stubborn, I like to break rules and more. Sorry to say but this is who I am. A lot of you might disagree with me in this part but I am not the perfect it girl. Luckily, God have His own way to guide me to his Light of Life. Amen!

Peace be with you all and Happy Sunday!

P/s: Tomorrow I am going to start to join belly dance class with my friends. Wee~ :D Hahahahaha. Interested? Come and join us. Contact me for further details. BB


N.J. said...

happy father's day angkol.... =p

Steffy said...

Haha. will tel him that :D thnx sis

Anonymous said...

where is this belly dance class? I'm interested! :P But maybe not nw..

Steffy said...

in iramanis. near city mall there. huhu. ok kilique :)

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