Friday, June 25, 2010

When Steffy eats McD's ChocoTop

ChocoTop RM1.60? I thought it's RM2.50 *sigh*

I love eating it because it makes me feel chocolate toppe~

I accompanied my dad to the MAS Airport just now to fetch my mum. She went to Kelantan last Tuesday for a principal meeting regarding the PPSMI? Okay that's only my assumption because she talks something about the PPSMI forum happening there and how they coped with it.

Dad and myself arrived there around 10.20 pm and I forced (yes. forced my dad because I didn't bring my purse. haha) him to buy me a ChocoTop (there up there, can't you see that delicious ChocoTop in the picture above?). It only costs him RM2.50 what. He gave me a RM10 note okay. Tulung lah daddy, ini McD ok. Bukan Kenny Rogers or Secret Recipe. Wahahaha. Then I asked him for smaller change (saja bha).

The guy who is in charge with the counter at the outer part (you know that McD have 2 counters right? 1 at the inside and 1 is situated at the outside which serves their ice-cream, McFlurry and etc? Got it? Ah-hah. Yes that's right), hm, I tell you. He tried to create the ChocoTop TWICE! But somehow he failed. His colleague (which is a girl) was there looking at him with a disgusted face (or u cn call it xda hrpn pnya face) because why on Earth he cannot make a ChocoTop? (fine, I am exaggerating. why? because it is a chocotop. anything relates to chocotop can be considered as serious bha) lol~

The guy complaints that the amount of chocolate was little and that's why he failed to 'dunk' all the chocolate around the ice-cream. 2nd time he failed again and this time he complained that the ice-cream was not cold enough or 'cair'. Lastly he asked his girl colleague to do it for him. So she have to the other counter (inside) and make 1 for me *sigh*

FYI, this chocotop is my 4th chocotop and you are the worst chocotop maker ever. How dare you not knowing to do chocotop. *emo mode*

Me and dad went to the arrival hall (Gate 2) to take a seat and wait for mum. Thanks la. Mum's flight got delayed for 25 min ar. Huhu.

~~~ Now comes the fun part. Jeng jeng jeng ~~~

Two little kiddos who I assumed are brothers (around 5 to 6 years of age) were running around at the area and suddenly they stopped right beside me. I look at them and they were like 'I want to have my own ice-cream too' Hahahahahahaha~~~ *strike one*

They stared at me for maybe about a minute or two and suddenly they ran back towards their parents which were seating at the final row behind. I heard them say 'Daddy. I want ice-cream. Ice-cream' Hahahahahahaha~~~ *strike two*

My dad laughed and I was like 'Uh-oh. Habis la me kena mara by their parents this'. After a while I finished my ChocoTop and went to the toilet to clean myself up. In the end, the parents managed to talk to their children in not buying them ice-cream. Telling them it's not good/healthy for kids to have ice-cream at night like that la. True true :P Sorry kiddos. Bahahaha~


Me (noticed something? hint: my hair) :D lalalalalala~

I was attacked by shiver syndrome after having my ice-cream. MAS Airport is super cold especially at night. Eating ChocoTop while in the airport? Bad idea. Combo cold to the max!!

Tips: Do not eat ice-cream in MAS airport during night time. I mean it. This tips do not only comply to kids but adults too ya :P

Oh and yes. I met my ex-tutorial mate in LMC, Santha Pang currently studying in UMS too with me but different course and UMS is a damn big U where the chance of meeting your friends (different faculty) is 10% (perhaps I can say once in a month?). Seriously. Haha. We had a nice 10-15 minutes chat about our studying life and etc. He was waiting for his sister too. She's coming back for the holidays and her flight too from Kelantan. Same like mum. Kelantan>KLIA>KKIA

Santha (ya. I stole this pic from his blog. haha. thnx Santha :D )

Alright then. I think that's about it. Oh. I forgot 1 more thing.

I want to share with you what had happened to me today:

1. Woke up late but xda hal bha kalau di Babagon tu. Ok saja~
2. Sikit lagi jatuh sana jambatan gantung yg otw mau p Babagon hatceri.
3. At home, at first I wanted to cook Maggie Mee Goreng + telur mata kerbau but when I open the cabinet, no more eggs. My brother forgot to ask dad to buy.
4. After overcoming my frustration, I decided to cook Maggi Ayam + fishball (the ones that I made myself at Likas last week) but when I open the freezer, Steven had finished it all by cooking it with his Maggi Ayam, he is already eating it that time. I ate 1 from him. So sad :'( I wanted to let all my family taste the fishball but sorry mum and dad because Steven and Aaron ate it all
5. I cancelled to work as an Asst Manager of 'something' at the very last minute. Frustrating. Hm. For sure my name will be blacklisted for that organization. God please help me with this.
6. I scolded 2 promoters at Megalong for being rude towards me. Hah! Sudah la sa mmg bad mood sbb bad day kan. If you are thinking that I am having PMS, you're wrong indeed :P because I am just having such a bad day mah. Usually I will only smile at these promoters and say 'ada sudah' walk-away tactics
7. The ChocoTop incidence above! *sigh*

However, all the matters above did offended me somewhat and somewhere, but somehow I managed to pull it off and think about it as a positive way growing up. Just like that!

That's about it. Bye and have a good night sleep~ Zzzzz



Kris and Nadia said...

wow! cantik rambut :) hihih.. :) bestnya baca ko pya crita ni :) hihi.. tulis lagi :) hihi.. and kasi gmbr ba byk2 :)

Steffy said...

nad bkn hari2 ni ada crita best bha. haha :D ok. buli bha.

Pang Huan Yek said...

you're welcome....
Next time belanja me makan Ice-cream....haha....

Steffy said...

santha: bha. blnja u chocotop. haha

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