Thursday, June 24, 2010

When You Are The Other Woman

"Being The Other Woman to another girl's man is a sometimes exhilarating, often funny, very exhausting and usually heartbreaking experience. Moral implications aside, there are some practical questions you should ask yourself before you get all tangled up in such a schemozzle -Angela Lee- Cleo Magazine"

I read this article in Cleo Mag yesterday at Joanas Saloon in Donggongon.

Well, how do I feel after reading it? (eventhough I didn't read the whole thing). I feel wonderful. I have gained new information, furthermore it's a totally different point of view about The Other Woman.

Usually, all of us, majority of us, we will feel hatred and bad feelings towards The Other Woman but we never thought about what will The Other Woman have gone through by becoming The Other Woman in another girl's man life. Her life would not be happy at all because she knew from the beginning that she's not The Real Girlfriend.

The feelings one man have towards The Real Girlfriend and The Other Woman is different. The love a man feels towards The Real Girlfriend is stronger than the love towards the other.

Before becoming The Other Woman, she must think carefully at first and ask herself these questions:
1. How long will this scandalous relationship will continue?
2. Am I willing to be The Other Woman forever or wanting to be The Future Girlfriend?
3. Will he willing to be there for me whenever I need him to be?

Another most important point is what is the point of becoming The Other Woman? Just for fun and wasting time? Is it worth it? Will you be happier? That is why becoming The Other Woman is not easy and not fun at all. Will you not fall in love with him? If you do, how is that possible because he is already another girl's man?

Maybe the only solution that The Other Woman can do here is to ask the guy to tell The Real Girlfriend about her existence as The Other Woman. If the guy can't do that, then it's your decision whether you want to continue this roller-coaster ride or just find a steady guy who might be better than a girl's man. Bear in mind that we cannot blame guys for cheating on us. Every guy have his own reason why he cheats and it might comes from The Real Girlfriend herself. Overall, these experience makes us stronger each day regardless of how it would be.

So girls out there, think about it before you decide to become The Other Woman. It will be pretty heartbreaking you know. For both of you and mostly you alone because you are breaking your own heart. Why find trouble?

Before this I will feel angry if I know someone is The Other Woman of any girl's man but after reading this particular article, I feel sorry for The Other Woman because they suffer more than The Real Girlfriend. Why do I say this?

1. The whole world knows who is The Real Girlfriend of that man.
2. When the guy says 'I Love You' to The Other Woman, does he really mean it?
3. You can't go out in public with that guy if you are The Other Woman.
4. Most of the time will the guy spend his time with The Other Woman or The Real Girlfriend?
5. How big is the possibility that The Other Woman will become The Future Girlfriend?
6. Let's say that from becoming The Other Woman you are now The Current Girlfriend. Will your guy would not have The Other Woman again?

It's heartbreaking if we found out that our guy is having an affair. So, make your decisions wisely. Maybe it comes from our own faults too. May the God almighty guide us in our daily lives. Amen.

Have a nice day y'all



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