Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Second Name

Who here knows that I actually had a second name?

My mum told me they wanted to name me Steffiana Ariadne Jinius Jipanin but they changed their mind because they worry that I will have problem in writing that super long name in forms and etc.. Hee..

Luckily now my name is shorter than that. Hoho

Proof: In my mum's passport to England when I was 2, it was written there 'Steffiana Ariadne Jinius Jipanin'

Maybe I will name my daughter Ariadne. It's a nice name :)

Don't you think so?


Kris and Nadia said...

Ba bgs sya pun tiru la nama ko yg canggeh ni :D smart oo :D

Steffy said...

nad.. sa start bangga dgn 2nd name sa tu pn sbb movie 'Inception' bha.. ekekeke.. 1 of the actress there nama dia itu ni dlm tu muvie.. sa suka~~~ :D

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