Sunday, August 29, 2010

I did it all by myself.

This post is about what I did on my 2nd day of work :)

FYI, my office is situated in my lecturer's office. So, she bought a new desk for me because there were no other empty desk in there. Thank you Dr!

Here we go now. Ta-da!


You see the toolbox there? That belongs to my lecturer. And and the hammer. Belongs to her too. Hee. The point is, I use them okay.

Used to play as carpenter girl when I was little. I am not that typical little girl who like to play with barbie dolls only bah. I climbed trees, who doesn't? I broke my leg once during sports at school. I twisted my ankle twice when I climbed the garage at home to tie something on the roof (the ladder slipped) and during a football match at school. I am not a tomboy nor girlie and I think I am both. You can make me play rough. I can be as sweet as an angel. Bahahaha~

After (to be exact, after 2 hours) =_="

I don't like to read instructions or manuals. Really. I like to just jump into it and do it following my heart and instinct at the same time.

But in this case? I had too. Darn. Takut tersalah pasang skru and etc. Hee~

Yup. I did it all by myself. Haha. So proud of it. My own desk.

But sadly. I have to say bye to this desk soon. Why? I will tell you when the time comes :)


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