Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Day

Today was my first day working as a research assistant in UMS. As usual, on the first day you will be greeted with 'Wah. Orang baru' , 'Welcome to the club my friend' and etc. No exception for me as well. I was even asked to introduce/ greet everyone officially during the meeting but luckily our boss understood me well. Everybody knows who I am already bah so no need for introduction okay.

 At Esther's table for the day.

I will be taking care of our experimental fish in UMS hatchery for about 3 to 4 months. Then, if our experiment already started, we will move to IPMB. So, here I come :) Have to arrive there by 7.30 in the morning for the morning class and morning meeting. After the meeting, then I will start to do my work. Tank cleaning, change water, feeding and etc.. Hmm. Teringat dulu zaman under-graduate. But this time no Macy and Intan. *sigh* There will be only me and me alone. Ah Yau will only be back here on 13 September. Both of us will pursue our Master under the same lecturer :P Wee~

Hopefully I will be blessed with patience, perseverance and passion (Ya. The 3 Ps) so that I can go through this 2 years without any issues at all. Amen.

Have to write a proposal for the post-graduate application which will be closed at the end of the month October. Work with it Steffy! Come on. You can do it. But.. but.. but.. I think the hardest part will be the 'Literature Review'. Oh no. Have to R.E.A.D more on lipid. Darn. I love you so much nutrition *sarcastically*

Beginning to work as an RA and starting from January will work and do Master at the same time. Give me the strength I need please.

Oh ya. During lunch hour, I went with Looi. Where else we eat if not Kingfisher. And guess what? She gave me a ride on her motorcycle! It was FUN!! Huahuahuahua~

Will update more about my work and study next time. See ya!


imfreakybizarre said...

Harap smua berjalan dgn lancar k steffy. This is the moment u will show urself who u truly are...
all the best stefy.

Steffy said...

Hee. Thanks Fara. Sa pn berharap semua berjalan dgn lancar.

genes said...

steffy!!!closing date proposal october ka pula???omg!tell me the details!!TQ,TQ,TQ!

Steffy said...

gene: for further info u go to their web k.. here u go :)

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