Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Oh dear. How long have I abandoned you blog? Hee. FYI, I'm currently at the state where my mind is wandering here and there. Thinking of this, thinking of that. Hm.

However, I know that everything will come to an end and finally I'll know what's the reason of things happening the way it is happening right now.

I am unemployed and yes last week I was in Labuan working with at my aunt's restaurant. Due to homesick, I went back home at the very last minute. Haha. Only stayed there for 8 days and then homesick? What.. I can't believe it but yes that's what happened. What can I say :) I am definitely not a 'anak manja' ok. Muahaha

Perhaps I will be continuing my studies by taking a Master's degree. Is that how we call it? Within this week I'll be discussing about it with my lecturer in UMS. Yes. UMS. I don't prefer to go far away from home. Wanted to but next time la bah. It shall be a 2 years studies and then I am going to be a lecturer. That's the plan. Do help me God. Amen.



Donna said...

Steffyyyy, blog about manila bahhhhh....

Steffy said...

huahuahua~ mslhnya x bnyk gmbr bh kmi ambi.. my mum didnt charge d camera btul2..

Donna said...


Steffy said...

*kipas donna*

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