Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rapunzel. Rapunzel. Let down your hair.

I never thought that I would want to do hair extension. Never in my mind I consider about that. What they did to the hair is before they attached the fake hair, they will first divide your hair into a few sections (starting from below), they braid it and your original hair will be clipped to the fake hair.

Sections by sections, braid by braid, continue to do it until your upper head and voila! You will have a longer hair and it will look natural if the person who did it knows how to do it very well (of course!)

So, 2 days ago, Marcie and I went to Centre Point/ City Parade (what's CP stands for now? No idea. Haha) to do hair extension. We went to a shop named e-Noveal situated at the Ground Floor near a money exhange counter and after around 45 minutes, magically our hair transformed. Hee. We paid for only RM190 (RM150 for the hair + RM40 for the service of hair extension) Hey guys, it's quite cheap ka? I don't know but according to Marcie if you go to the saloon, they will ask for a minimum of RM200++ kan?

Before and after pics here we go :P

Steffy's before

 Steffy's after

Marcie's before

Marcie's after

And yes, people didn't seem to notice it. Even my family didn't ask me anything about my 'longer' hair. Our friends too. Hoho~ It looks natural bha.


Gallivanter said...

Interesting, but yes, men, we LOVE long hair. Real men. :-D

Steffy said...

hahaha~~ it is definitely true right? :P ngee~

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