Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Choose a Life Partner

I found this article coincidentally (yeah right Steffy) just now. Nah. I just want to share these tips with people who is still trying to find their life partner/ soul mate. Courtesy of

How to Choose a Life Partner

Couple who falls deeply in love is not able to make a conscious choice whether their partner is suitable for them in life. Unfortunately, we have to choose the right life partner sooner or later in our life regardless of the situation. Below are some tips you can use to find the right partner.

Trust your Instinct

Regardless how you love your partner, your instinct plays a very important role in determining whether your partner is suitable or not. If you feel that your partner is not reliable or not trustable in the first few dating, you can forget seeing him or her. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with someone right from the start, there is a bright chance that he or she will be a good partner.

Effective Communication

A partner who can communicate well is someone who can tell you all about his or her feeling openly. At the same time he or she is able to listen and understand your feeling effectively. This type of person will make a good life partner as you can openly express anything without any fear.

Matching Expectation

Sometimes you will tell whether a person is a good life partner by looking at his or her expectation towards relationship, life or hobbies. You will have a better chance of leading a good life with someone who has the similar expectation. For example, you will indirectly live a better life if both you and your partner love traveling.

Good Behavior

The behavior of a person speaks a lot when it comes to choosing a life partner. Choosing a partner who is polite, patience, caring and understanding will have a good impact towards your romantic relationship.

Optimistic Outlook

Someone who has a positive or optimistic outlook towards life makes a better partner as compared to one who is negative or pessimistic. Emotions are contagious and optimism is what you look or want if your life.


Choose a partner who is affectionate towards you and your family. Affectionate person is someone you feel nice and loved when you are with him or her. This will ensure that your relationship will last a very long period.

Life Balance

How balance is your partner’s life, if they can combine working, leisure and learning effectively then he or she will make a good life partner. Someone who has a balance life will live a better life and longer. He or she is whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.   

Although there are more factors in determining whether a person can be a good life partner but you can use the above factors as a hint when committing to a more serious relationship.

* I don't think we can find our true soul-mate which fulfills all the above criteria. Maybe some of the criteria la but not all kan.


Marcie said...

btul juga tu....
sy sokong 99.9% la..hohoho

Steffy said...

mana tu 0.1% pigi? haha

GR14 said...

yup..bkn semua criteria tu msti ada..yg penting happy..=)

Steffy said...

gr14: yep. agree too. yg pnting msti mau hepi

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