Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I need a job.

Currently, I am unemployed for 2 weeks now. Been searching and searching for a job but failed. I have tried walk-in interview, e-mailing resumes, newspaper ads and calling them for an interview.

'We require a person who can do accounting and know how to type in Chinese'

'We will call you for a second interview'

'We will contact you back'

'It is impossible for us to pay that amount for an inexperienced person'

'Why didn't you go for what you expert in (Fisheries)'


There are a lot of jobs but only one will be the job I wanted.



No company wants to hire a fresh graduate and paying them more than RM1K


Hello. I am a fresh graduate from UMS and I am looking for a permanent job. I specialized in fisheries industry.

Thank you.

However, I want to do admin/ clerical work so badly (to gain experience) but nobody wants to hire an inexperienced and a fresh graduate some more by paying at least RM1K.


Tal said...

Fie...admin ko dpt highest pun 650-800 tu. won't reach 1K even with degree. why don't you try for sales? banking tgk ramai yg ambil juga tu.

nda pun, go do part time Sbx ka, hotel ka, sambil2 tu look for permanent job. :) the job is out there! ko tunggu sj...mesti dpt juga tu. :D

Flanegan said...

Take your time...

Saya graduate from Australia, and it takes me good 7 months to get a 'job'.

Like Tal said, Job is out there.

Donna said...

Try hotels fie.

Same case here, fresh graduate with no experience, salary RM1k plus.

Maybe I just got lucky.

Steffy said...

Tal: dun wan do sales ooh. not for me. haha. wanna try banking too but haven't got any phone calls from them yet. i did went to Sbx n they say they will call me back for an interview. x knw la dat. still trying to find a job. urgh.

Flanegan: woah.. ok.. I will do this slow and steady then.. No need for me to panic.. Just relax Steffy.. Work and pray harder.. Huhu~

Donna: Wanted to try for hotels too but ada org marah ni nanti. Hahaha. Lucky u ada job od my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Yep.. mostly pun mau accounting n pndai cakap Chinese. Tu jg yg drg cakap time sa cr kerja.. -_-!

Ur uncle bukan bahagian fisheries department ppl ka.. Manatau boleh masuk sna. I checked last time Promenade Hotel and Venetian mcm mau management pny org- so try lah apply sna if u're allowed. Macam 1k++ jg salary dia. :)

Good luck in finding jobs! :)

FionaFabian said...

steffi, no worries... sya in my 5th month suda blm kerja. U'll sure get job...just not the time yet.. =)

Steffy said...

kilique: susa jg tu if gov. msti thru spa jg tu. iya? bah sa try sn la. hee. thnx~

fiona: sama2 la kita menunggu d right time kan.. heee..

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