Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 1st flat tyre experience

Pajero magically flattened it's tyre yesterday near Sembulan on my way back home after work. What did I do? Who was the 1st person I called? Seseorang yang mengambil berat tentang I la ok :)

That person helped me with Pajero and sent me home *clap hands*

Thank you very much *wink*

P/S: Actually I can change the tyre myself but I bet sampai mlm pun x terbuka 1 nat pun di tayar tu


Serena Allysha Wong said...

i VOTED wtf.. LOL

Steffy said...

ser: hahaha :D gila babi keras ser mau buka. smpai sa terberak pn x blh oh. sa pijak lg tu sepana, x bergerak ok.

*i didn't do anything pn. i just watch him n stood next to him.. evil laugh*

Serena Allysha Wong said...

Big tyre ba pajero.. what du u expect.. hahahaha

Gallivanter said...

Aiks, it's a Pajero bah, can only imagine the headache to change tyres!

Nina Manson said...

Wakakaka, nice post! Katawa me dis! People might think I'm insane, laughing to myself!

Steffy said...

ser: tu la ba.. luckily i have someone that i can count on. hee

gallivanter: if only i have the automated nat opener. it will be much easier.. urgh.. the car jack pn hydraulic punya oo.. jgn main2.. :D

nina: tengkiu~ glad that u enjoyed reading my 'sot' post bout my lame flat tyre experience :P hahaha *tlng la kasi pas tu experience sm si nina* wahahahaha~ jahat ni

Nina Manson said...

Uikk jangan bah. RX8 indak dapat start engine yesterday, bateri kong! Mesti ko la ni kan! Lol. Joking!

Steffy said...

nina: aisehmen. rx8 tu. mana mau cari!!! :D wahahaha..

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