Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Friend

I went to the clinic just now and decided to go to Donggongon to tapau some mihun. Then I stopped at Petronas Donggongon to buy 100 plus drink. Drinking 100 plus is good when you had diarrhoea :) When I got back to the car I heard this fellow miau-ing. I search for her and found her under a black Viva which was parked in front of me. I took her home because I want to provide shelter for her bah.

I fed and gave her a bath. So smelly la this cat haha yet so adorable. Very manjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ After a few days, mmg dia wangi ni. Cnfirm punya :P

Later at night I am going to pass her to a person that I truly know will care and love her with all his heart :) Di rumah susa mau pelihara kucing, my anjing all ganas to the max :(

Thanks Mr. D. I know Ketod will be gumuk and happy under your care.

I want to take care of all the stray animals who's wandering around here and there. If I had the money, I will open a shelter for animals and those of you who want to adopt them, please come! Wow. My big ambition ni


BibiEr Karim said...

That's so sweet of u. I too want to adopt all stray cats out there tp rumah terlampau 'besar' I can only accommodate 5 of them.

Steffy said...

Thanks darl :) ya lor.. so kesian baa tngk dorg wandering around without shelter.. *cry*

carmel elissa said...

wew we got the same open shelter homes for stray cats and dogs just like spca :)

Steffy said...

carmel: we are animal lovers! heeee

Nina Manson said...

Hey Steffy, guess what, we have the same dream. Lol. Since I was a little girl I told myself that when I'm rich enough I would build an animal shelter and they all will be treated like a prince and princess. Haha! Good luck to both of us! :D

Steffy said...

wow.. the 4 of us boleh joint venture la ni buka shelter~ hahahahah :D yay.. goodluck~

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