Monday, October 11, 2010

This is awkward.

It will sound a bit weird but I think I like you.
When I first saw you, my heart stopped beating and that was few years ago.
I said to myself that it will be impossible for you to even notice me.
Well, I am a nobody if compared to others who are more outstanding than me.
Then, things started to turn around.
The Lord seems to hear my prayers.

That day, on that special day I was so happy.
You smiled at me.
Maybe it was just a coincidence.
God's miracles work in many ways.
What a wonderful feeling it was.
But, that was it. I wonder when will we meet again.
You are from there and I am from here.
However, I kept that moment secured in my head.
And when I re-played it in my mind, I smiled.
You made me feel happy again.
Thank you for making me feel appreciated even with a smile.

After all of these while, I suffered when it came to love.
I learned a lot. I learned everything.
I am still young. I am still searching for my own self.
I am still learning to love myself first.
I don't want to waste my time in doing and deciding on things which makes me sad all the time.
I want to live as how I am supposed to live.
According to His plans.
I must be able to take care of myself.
I must protect myself from getting hurt.
Well, I fall down a lot of times but now it is time for me to get up again.
Prove to everybody that I am a strong, independent and lovable woman.

- Anonymous -


NiftyAeon said...

Like this POST!! XDD

Steffy said...

Glad that u like it :D me like it too



Steffy said...

Yes darling.. life~~ *sigh*

ONN said...

Like this! :)

Steffy said...

poem yg xda2 ni bah. hoho

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