Thursday, November 11, 2010

Customers are always right

Rule No. 1 in business. Treat the customer like a king (or queen if that customer happened to be a lady) or princess or prince.

You get what I mean right? That is the sacrifice you have to make if you are going to involve yourself in money making business or in any profit making business. They HAVE TO be super patient + super polite in order for them to succeed in making that customer become their regular customer. Or at least smile when people smile at you because I am here just for the sake of discussing the problem in a nice way and not wanting to cari gaduh pun!!

Even Gorilas can smile~~

That particular aunty really don't have the word SMILE in her dictionary when dealing with customers

It won't cost them anything pun, a satisfied customer will recommend their friends to visit their shop and purchase their merchandises. That particular friend will tell their other friends and that other friend will tell her cousin and the cousin bla bla bla etc.

Happy customers will lead your business into success

And you so-called-pandai-sangat-buat-bisnes will have a wide smile like this but instead,


too much money suda ka. too rich od ka. sampai perasaan orang pun ko x mau peduli ka.

Well, this particular shop is situated in Karamunsing Complex, Kota Kinabalu. I won't announce your shop's name here in my post. Not wanting to pollute my blog with your shop's name. *evil laugh*

Furthermore, she won't admit that it's their fault producing a WRONG brochure. WTF! Kalau sudah salah, mengaku ja bah kan? You can be charged for producing this serious offense because we can accuse you for MISLEADING us with that very own brochure.

That brochure had 2 different packages of LCD TV + full set dvd home theatre system. The price for both packages are different, even the dvd home theatre system model number are different too (say Model A & Model B). HOWEVER, the picture shows the same amount of amplifiers, dvd player & speakers (meaning the same stuff but different model number lah). They literally convinced us at the first day that we will definitely receive everything which exists/stated in that picture on their brochure (conversation between us & salesman)

Then, when the day came, suddenly the salesman told us that there's an error on their brochure. The Model A that we chose, actually have less amount of speakers (and also less specs) compare to the Model B. Meaning to say, they have put a WRONG picture on their brochure. This salesman, admitted to us about that picture error.

(now comes the volcanic eruption part) I am serious, don't you dare make that smile *evil laugh again*

We discussed about it and decided to just go with it. Bah. Salesman sudah admit kan that it's their fault. BUT!! JENG JENG JENG!!

(conversation between us & old aunty)

Suddenly this old aunty (big boss la kunun. pui! mmg bos kedai la) interfered our conversation and decided to say it out loud with an arrogant-bitchy-macam s**l attitude

'APA MAU TENGOK GAMBAR OH. ITU GAMBAR, GAMBAR SAJA MAH. TENGOK ITU MODEL SAJA MAH' what is the point of referring to those pictures. just refer to the model number only -funny it sounded polite when I translated it into English. Hahahaha-

we replied with 'apa la guna kau punya brochure kalau begitu, bagus buang saja tu brochure kau' what is the use of your brochure then. better just throw it away. 


'KAU JANGAN MAU AJAR SAYA MACAMANA MAU BUAT BISNES HA' don't you dare teach me how to do business


The moment that not-so-polite words popped out from her OMG-why on Earth-this-lady-is-so-WTH mouth, we were shocked with it. At that point, we CANCELLED our desire to continue purchasing that merchandise from them! We even argued to her that she is not supposed to talk like that to us. We are your customers. We are the ones who gave you the money. In fact, customers are ALWAYS RIGHT!! 


Nonetheless, we have proves if we want to take any legal actions on you. However, only time will tell when will your company suddenly comes into bankruptcy. You won't last long in business line if you are forever having this kind of attitude towards customers. Luckily you have very good salesperson working under you.

While we were walking out from their shop, we told her that we will bring this matter into court. Then she shouted 'OI, APA KAU CAKAP OH' hey, what the hell do you mean - I don't want my translation sounded polite when it's translated into English- :D

*That old lady even called us and said 'Kamu mau bawa ini hal masuk court, bawa lah?! Saya tiada buat salah' if you want to bring this matter into court, just go on with it, I am innocent.

You see? She is so damn arrogant. *sigh* That's what money will turn us into if we have too much of it. You stopped acting human. You won't care of other people's feelings. Personally, that's my opinion.

What's yours?

Something to share about business line:

" The lessons Larry Page took away from reading Donald A. Norman's The Design of Everyday Things while a graduate student at Stanford, helped shape Google's approach to its customers. Or as Page said, "Having an attitude that your customer or users are always right, and your goal is to build systems that work for them in a natural way, is a good attitude to have"

"If you don't listen to your customers, someone else will." - Sam Walton -


Anonymous said...

that's the thing about local businessperson, instead of applying "customers is always right"..they don't trust anyone.

We are partly blame for this because majority locals are "tidak apa". I mean are you really going to court? If you do, Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

bah..kalo suda kes mcm ne...lapor KPNKK la..yg penting bukti tu...then attitude tu...kita pengguna, so Power of Consumer kita yg control..apa lg..boycott kadai tu...cuba dlu mention nama kedai tu..


Anonymous said...

bah..kalo suda kes mcm ne...lapor KPDNKK la..yg penting bukti tu...then attitude tu...kita pengguna, so Power of Consumer kita yg control..apa lg..boycott kadai tu...cuba dlu mention nama kedai tu..


Steffy said...

Anonymous: Somehow, I am just going to let it go. For now la. Huhu. If next time, I heard from other ppl complaining about the same shop, I will definitely will try convince them together to complaint to the Tribunal about it. Kalau dibiarkan begini, mmg ramai org lain lg yg kena kan. Haiz. Tp tu la org ckp, bagi chance dulu sm si kawan. Karma jg tu nti.

Zab: Nti la hari 6 kita story-mory psl ni. Lg best kalau dngr dr Mr. D :)

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