Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mi hermosa hermana

Once upon a time in Tuaran, I was introduced to a person named Flora by mum. Back then, I was still in primary school and she was studying in a secondary school at Tamparuli. Mum was a teacher there last time.

Long story short, since that day, she became my foster sister. We always keep in touch with each other until now. As the days goes by, it has been 12 years since the day we parted and now she have her own family! :)

Tada! Mum & dad got the chance to meet them in KL during their short vacation last month. Well, she's residing there now with her new family but I heard from mum that they'll might move to Sabah.

Pulen, Kakak Flora, Baby Nashanti & mum

Three of them with dad.

*Kan best kalau sa pun ada sana. Blh jg dukung baby. Cubit pipi. Geram~~

Love you always Kakak Flora. xoxo


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