Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canon EOS 60D vs. Nikon D90

Bf wants to own his own DSLR (digital single-lens camera) since he's one crazy person who really love to snap pictures. Can't compare to my cam-whoring skills with cellphones la wei. Haha.

The question is Canon or Nikon? Canon....... Nikon....... I am not very crazy about photography but I might have the passion in it. On and off or so to say. With the help of dad's Nikon D90, I can be a crazy paparazzi at times. Haha. That's why when the bf ask for my opinion which DSLR to buy, I will definitely say Nikon.Why? I'm used to a Nikon. Plus, Nikon is very user friendly. There's no need for me to open the manual book in order for me to use it. Canon in the other hands, in my opinion, is not user friendly. My answer is not convincing enough right. Heh.

Canon EOS 60D vs. Nikon D90

For those who doesn't know what EOS is. It's Electro-Optical System

The following statement doesn't relate with this post. Eos is the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology (Wikipedia)

Eos is a nice name to name a girl :) 

Ok. Back to our main topic. Hahahaha :D

Of course, by just looking this side-by-side picture of both brands with it's respective models, one can't simply make the choice. Pictures comes with descriptions. Descriptions make us understand more about the picture but pictures can be deceiving, don't you agree? I'm disappointed why Nikon put that red colour on its D90. That is so Canon-look, definitely not a Nikon-look. Well, that's not the main story here. Let's proceed to the next paragraph.

Thanks to a website called Snapsort, I can see the pros and cons of each camera now. Maybe you have other better website to recommend to me, please don't hesitate to do so :)

Another website which offers very detailed comparison of both cameras. DownloadAtoz. Visit their website for more information. I will only include their summary here.

'Canon EOS 60D and Nikon D90 both has a CMOS optical sensor, but the resolution of them are different: the 60D has a 18-megapixel resolution while the D90's resolution is only 12.3-megapixel. They both have the face detection, white balance and video capture capability. However, Canon EOS 60D is better in about any advanced compared to two years old Nikon D90, though the Nikon D90 is $200 cheaper. To know which of the two cameras is better, you should learn more parameter details' - DownloadAtoz -

What do you think? I'm going to set up a poll. Do vote which one do you prefer :)

Which camera model do you prefer?


beaty said...

Im a Cannonian...

StellaClaire-Richard said...

adik saya ada Nikon D90 and my hubby ada Canon 550D and Canon 1000D. Sya mau suruh la hubby sya beli tu canon 60D, so sya ambil la tu canon 550D hahaha..

FifieJay said...

@beaty: nah. org canon. hahaha. np pilih canon? mau jg sa tau ni. hihi.

@stella: free2 dpt camera mahal kan. ngam la tu. akaka. pa pndpt adik ko psl tu nikon d90? best ka dia bilang?

HuanYek said...

hey, i'm also choosing between these 2 model as well...which one you prefer at last???haha

FifieJay said...

@santha wah. akaka. i chose nikon :)

de engineur said...

60D is slightly above the D90 specification-wise. The 60D should be pitted against the D7000, just like the Nikon D300s pitted against Canon 7D.

Either way, you won't go wrong with your purchase. Dua2 pun okay bah tu.

Steffiana J said...

Thanks for the advice de engineur! Last2 compact camera jg kena beli ni. Hahahaha :D

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