Saturday, December 11, 2010

Digi Karaoke Superstar (Audition)

Hello everyone. Today I went for the audition. I have some good news for ya. I made it to the Top 50. Hooray! Thank God for giving me the chance to the make it to the next round. I know if it's Your will, it shall be done according to Your name. I was joining it for fun and I can't believe I am among of the Top 50 for preliminary round. Ceh. Over-joyed sudah. Hehe.

Oh well. The audition started at 12.30pm in KKBox Karamunsing. There were supposed to be 67 contestants to come for the audition today but I can only see around 20-30 people who came just now with me. Some of them came with their family and friends. According to the person-in-charge Madam KKBox (I didn't get her name bah), the auditions will be held for 3 days (11,12 & 18 Dec). Supposed only 200 participants but due to the overwhelming numbers of participants who came for the registration the other day, they added 50 in the registration list and another 50++ in the waiting list. Meaning to say, there's 300 or more people! Crazy.

I am contestant no. 7. Funny eh. I thought I was the 1st person who registered the other day. Nvm.

Another good news is erk actually I'm not sure it's a good news or maybe it's just my luck. Their system is like this, if the 2 judges agrees to let you pass to the next round, they will show a green card instead of a red card (macam AF ja kan). Afterwards, the Madam KKBox will lend you a piece of paper saying that you've made it to the next round (macam American Idol pla).

Yeap. This is the congratulations-for-making-it-to-the-next-round paper. Haha

Ok ok. The good news is I am the 1st contestant who made it to the next round. Hihihi. So happy.

Wish me luck for the next round. Preliminary round will be held on 19 Dec. Hope I can make it to Top 20 this time. Huhu. Thank God they will start it at 1.00pm this time. It's hard to sing especially in the morning. Need to really warm-up the voice bah. Very troublesome. Haha :D


Donna said...

Madam KKbox -__-"

FifieJay said...

Hahaha. Bah. I will ask her name for you. Lol

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